Dr. Edward Spence

In 1904, Edward Spence (1876-1972) graduated from Western medical school as Gold Medalist of his class.  He built a successful medical practice in London thereafter.  In 1958, the London Academy of Medicine honoured Dr Edward Spence as a lifetime member in recognition of his outstanding service to the profession. 

Both his son – Dr John H. Spence, Meds ‘42 – and his grandson – Dr John E.H. Spence, Meds ‘68 – attended medical school at Western.

e spence


                               Western Medical Class 1904

spence jeh
Photos courtesy of Western Archives, Western University

Copper Sterilizer Kit


This copper sterilizer kit (#2004.979.015.01) with inset tray, utilized for disinfection of obstetrical instruments, was owned by Dr Edward Spence.